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Eclipse RCP/RAP with Spring DM, Spring Data JPA and Remoting [step0]

XDocReport project provides a modular Eclipse RCP/RAP XDocReport application where you can develop your own module with Eclipse Plugin to manage your domain with CRUD Form and generates some reporting. The online RAP demo provides for instance a Resume module to manage resume (create/update/search resume and generate report resume):

This application is based on :

  • Eclipse RCP to provide Fat Rich Client.
  • Eclipse RAP to provide the same application in WEB mode
  • Eclipse Gemini Blueprint to use Spring on OSGi context. This project is the donation of the Spring DM project to Eclipse
  • Spring Data JPA is used to implement our DAO with JPA. This Spring project is very impressive because you need not code your JPA Query. You must just follow some convention name with your methode DAO interface and that’s all! Spring Data JPA implements (at runtime) for you the JPA DAO.
  • Eclipselink used as JPA Implementation.

You can find sources from this Eclipse RCP/RAP application on Git.

Our 2 next goals is :

  • manage remoting to provide too Client (RCP Client) and Server (Services on server side) architecture. To do that we have several solutions like :
  • use Eclipse E4 instead of Eclipse RCP as soon as Eclipse RAP will support Eclipse E4.

We spent much time to study how to manage those technologies together but today we like this architecture. Goal of my « Eclipse RCP/RAP with Spring DM, Spring Data JPA and Remoting » articles is to explain step by step how to develop a simple Eclipse RCP/RAP with those Spring technologies, shares several rules that we have discovered with Spring on OSGi context, and manages 2 architectures :

To follow those articles, you must know OSGi, Eclipse RCP:

You can read the next article [step1] which explains how to initialize Spring DM.

  1. slewis2002
    avril 5, 2012 à 4:45

    Hi Angelo,

    I would ask you to consider using ECF remote services rather than CXF. It integrates more easily and completely with other EF-based projects, and provides a more open provider architecture, while fully supporting remote services and remote services admin.


    • avril 5, 2012 à 5:08

      Hi Scott,

      I’m glad to re-meet you:)
      I will try to explain more why we wish use CXF DOSGi, but here my 2 reason:

      1) DOSGi CXF is very good integrated with Spring DM (and I hope with Eclipse Gemini Blueprint soon). We have already worked on Support Spring for ECF at
      but this support doesn’t works when you wish customize on client side the base URL of the server side (it crashes when server is started after the client).

      2) We would like have another client like .Net, Flash etc, and CXF DOSGi provides the capability to expose services with REST JSON. So with this solution we can have another client than Java.
      I have seen that ECF support REST, that’s very cool. I will study that.

      Scott I have changed my articles title and I will study ECF too. But my big problem is using ECF with Spring DM.

      Many thank’s for your post.

      Regards Angelo

  1. avril 6, 2012 à 2:04

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