WebSockets with Embedding Jetty

This page display the list of articles called « WebSockets with Embedding Jetty« . Articles will :

  • [step1] : introduce WebSockets with Embedding Jetty articles.
  • [step2] : develop chat application on client side with chat.html which use JavaScript WebSocket component.
  • [step3] : develop chat WebSocket on server side with Jetty-WebSocket and start the Jetty server with Java main by using Embedding Jetty.
  • [step4] :explains how to use the Chat Jetty-WebSocket in another Java Server (Tomcat, WebShpere…) which doesn’t support WebSocket.
  1. vaibhav shukla
    juin 22, 2012 à 9:54

    Hi ..
    I developed a stock ticker example using jetty websocket servlet . I run it through run-jetty-run plugin in eclipse . everything works fine and server starts up .. but connection is not getting established. I dont know wats the problem is. please help me out. I m stuck for very long now.
    my project can be downloaded from here

    please help

  1. juillet 23, 2011 à 2:30

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