My first steps with Eclipse RAP

This page display the list of articles called « My first steps with Eclipse RAP« . Here the plan of those articles :

  • [step0] : introduction about of My first steps with Eclipse RAP.
  • [step1] : generate with Eclipse wizard the RAP Hello World application, install RAP Target Platform and start the generated RAP Application.
  • [step2] : explains how to create OSGi bundle with PDE, how run the OSGi container (Equinox) which manage a set of bundles (coming from Workspace + Target Platform) to start/stop bundle with OSGi console
  • [step3] : explains how to OSGi manage the dependencies between several bundles with Required-Bundle and Import-Package declared in the MANIFEST.MF and show in action the OSGi registry services which is used to share services between bundles (SOA Architecture).
  • [step4] explains how to use Servlet into OSGi context with OSGi HttpService. This article is interesting because it will explain how RAP Application works : RAP Servlet org.eclipse.rap.ui.internal.servlet.RequestHandler is called when URL is accessed.
  • [step5] : explain the RAP Application/Workbench component of the RAP Architecture by explaining generated code of the RAP Hello World application.
  • [step6] : add UI Text/Label widgets to the RAP Application without coding Javascript or HTML with Java RWT (SWT implementation for RAP).
  • [step7] : create RAP Application with a view by using RAP 1.4, create RCP Application with a view and compare it with RAP Application.
  • TODO….

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