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Eclipse RCP/RAP with Spring DM, Spring Data JPA and Remoting [step10]

avril 16, 2012 6 commentaires

In [step9] we have displayed the User List with pagination by using Nebula Pagination Control and Spring Data JPA. As Nebula Pagination Control supports RAP, it’s possible with few modifications of the fr.opensagres.richclient to support WEB mode too with Eclipse RAP:

At the end of this article we will have an Application which supports:

The sources of the fr.opensagres.richclient Plug-In will be the same: it’s called Single-Sourcing.

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Eclipse RCP/RAP with Spring DM, Spring Data JPA and Remoting [step9]

avril 16, 2012 7 commentaires

In [step8] we have developed a Rich Client with RCP Application to display User list in a SWT Table by consuming the UserService by using Spring DM by using the SpringExtensionFactory from Martin Lippert.

In this article we will display the User List with pagination by using Nebula Pagination Control.

The sort of column will be done by the UserService by using Spring Data Sort Structure:

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Eclipse Nebula Pagination Control

janvier 6, 2012 13 commentaires

In business application with large data, display data in a table with navigation page can be really helpful. In our XDocReport project, we need this feature in our Eclipse RCP/RAP XDocReport application for instance to select resumes to open in the Search Resume Dialog :

This last screenshot is the resume search dialog in WEB context (Eclipse RAP). Here a screenshot in fat client context (Eclipse RCP) :

After several search, it seems that there is no project which provides a SWT pagination control, which works with Eclipse RCP and RAP. So we decided to develop this control and give our code to Eclipse Nebula Project. Today Nebula Team are voting if the project will be accepted or not. Pagination control was accepted by Nebula and today it is stored on Eclipse Nebula Git.

If you are intersted you can read the original bug 367064.

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