JAX-WS with Apache CXF and Eclipse

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Step Extrait
[step1] Initialize CXF Eclipse Plugin and generate empty Dynamic Web Project.
[step2] Generate WebService HelloWorld on server side.
[step3] Generate consumer of the WebService HelloWorld.
  1. Mateusz
    janvier 16, 2013 à 1:37

    Waiting for the third part.

  2. Shekhar
    février 26, 2013 à 4:59

    When can we expect the third step…

    • février 26, 2013 à 9:40

      No time for the moment to do that. Sorry.

      • Shekhar
        avril 10, 2013 à 7:57

        Really waiting for it …

  3. chan
    avril 11, 2013 à 4:49

    waiting for the third part… plz post 😦

  4. chan
    avril 11, 2013 à 7:06

    even i need explanation on the below points for top down approach. please provide…

    why a wsdl gets generated in webcontent folder?
    why the generated wsdl address url is getting changed?
    do we need to have generated wsdl adress and @webserviceclient’s wsdllocation same?
    while trying to access wsdl from the browser, why we need to use generated wsdl address url to access the deployed wsdl/service client?

  5. Waiting
    février 26, 2014 à 6:53

    waiting for u r 3rfd part
    if u have done can u please send the link to this mail id anrkng@gmail.com

  6. Julia
    août 12, 2014 à 12:54

    Wow this lecture was most helpful..
    I am waiting for the third part ! 🙂 Thank you!!

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